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Parenting Guide for First-Time Parents

Life changes in many ways when their baby steps into this world. Things are not as easy as they appear to be, and as a parent, you might have a number of questions in mind, such as; how to take care of the baby? What are the best baby diapers in Pakistan to choose for your baby? How to understand the needs of the meek and fragile "being" that is now a part of your life? Indeed you will be nervous and confused, so we have written a guide for you that will help you determine how to deal with your newborn as a first-time parent. 

Postpartum Depression that Affects Parents:

First things come first, and that is to take care of yourself if you want to take care of your baby. Many individuals lack awareness that postpartum depression is prevalent after pregnancy. Postpartum depression is predominant in both men and women. Usually, it peaks in women but men are not devoid of it. Postpartum depression is due to several factors, and in reason to that depression, parents cannot pay attention towards their baby, which can be stressful and overwhelming. So, to overcome this phase, family and friends can help you. Even if you disagree with some specific points, their personal experiences can help you in many ways.

So, be more expressive, share things with them, figure things out, and get support and help from family and friends. Yet, if you feel like depression is empowering your health, and you cannot overcome it, then do consult a doctor. As in this initial phase, your baby needs attention and care. So, even if one parent is affected or is in swear depression, then surely, that will affect the baby negatively and will leave a lasting impact. 

 Get Help in the Initial Days:

You are parenting for the first time, and you are unaware of many things, so the best is to ask someone with experience. Learn about vaccines, and get to know how to handle a child. Learn how to feed your child, and learn all about baby diapers in Pakistan, as babies have gentle skin and are allergic to many things. Get to know all about the mother's health that impacts the baby. All of this is only possible when you have an experienced person to help and guide you. 

For sure, many of the things that you are unaware of, you can learn those things from your doctors but can also gain guidance from your mothers or grandmothers. In fact, fathers who are worried about how to deal as a first-time parent can give a helping hand and learn about several things to support and comfort their wives and their baby. The role of the father in the initial days is significant. As a first-time parent, fathers are not aware of things they must do or participate in, so they must pay more attention and learn from elders to play a supportive role in the initial days. 

 Bond with Your Baby:

Indeed, parents are bonded with their baby from the very first day, but the actual bonding starts after the baby's birth. Parents form a deep bond with their babies as physical intimacy creates an emotional connection. It is not wrong to say that parents fall in love with their child. However, to understand and get to know a baby's needs as first-time parents, especially for mothers, is an arduous task. New-be-mothers are not aware of how to deal with their newborns. In fact, several times, it is observed that they cannot understand why their baby cries. New mothers need guidance and take time to determine their baby's needs. So, to bond with the baby, the best way is to spend time and indulge in a new productive routine. For the father, the best way to bond with the child is to spend more and more time. 

All About Diapering:

Parenting involves baby care, and for sure, this encompasses diapering. Whether you utilize fabric or disposable diapers, your little one will dirty them about ten times daily, and it will frustrate you. You will have a number of questions about which diaper to use or which is the Best Baby Diapers in Pakistan that you can use for your baby. First, you must understand that babies are meek and fragile; they will keep wetting the diaper, so all you need to do is remain patient. Make sure that you have all the below-mentioned things so that while changing your baby's diaper, you may not face issues. 

  • Soft Wet Wipes 
  • Rash Creams or Baby Oil
  • Spread Sheet - (to lay the baby)
  • Diapers 

So, you might have these things, but still, you are making a huge mistake when choosing Diapers. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Diapers:

To address you further, many of the new-be-mothers are conscious of many things, but they forget the diaper brand they use. They forget that the diapers they are using are expensive but hazardous to the skin as there are a number of chemicals in them. The Pakistani market is full of a variety of diapers, but you must go for the ones that suit your baby's skin. There are a number of brands that sell Cheap Baby Diapers in Pakistan, but they are not harsh on your baby's sensitive skin. For instance, HapiNapi Diapers are one of a kind. They are one of the best diapers as they are gentle on sensitive skin and are affordable as well. 

Things to take care of while changing a diaper:

While changing the diapers, lay the baby down and remove the diaper. Gently clean the baby's bottom using water, cotton pads, towels or wet wipes. Carefully remove a baby boy's diaper, as air can cause him to urinate. When washing girls, wipe from front to back to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Apply an anti-rash cream to prevent or treat rashes. Make sure you wash your hands after changing the diaper. Diaper rash is a common problem. The rash is usually red and bumpy and goes away after a few days with the usage of warm baths and anti-rash creams. Most rashes occur because babies' skin is sensitive and irritated by wet or dirty diapers. 

Tips to prevent diaper rash:

  • Change your baby's diaper often, and avoid wet diaper usage for a long. 
  • Wash the area gently with mild soap and water, dry the skin, and apply anti-rash or a "barrier" cream. Zinc oxide creams are good because they form a barrier against moisture.  
  • Use wipes if you want to, but wipes can sometimes be irritating, so make sure to use gentle and chemical-free wipes. 
  • If you make use of cloth diapers, wash them in a dye-free and fragrance-free detergent. Allow the child to go without diapers for part of the day, allowing the skin to breadth.

However, see and consult your doctor if your diaper rash lasts longer than three days or seems to be getting worse. Often it is a yeast infection that appears as a rash and thus needs treatment with prescription medication. So make sure that even if you choose the best baby diapers in Pakistan, you are vigilant of the things above. 

The Basics of Newborn Sleep:

As a new parent, you might be surprised to know that a newborn who needs you around the clock sleeps around 16 hours or more! Whereas their sleep cycle breaks after every 2 to 4 hours. As a baby's digestive system is so small that it needs to be fed every few hours. Most babies sleep through the night (6 to 8 hours) by 3 months, but if they do not, then they need not worry. Just like adults, babies need to develop their own sleep patterns and cycles. So, if your newborn baby is gaining weight and looks healthy, but at 3 months old and still not sleeping throughout the night, then there might be some issues that you cannot determine, such as; 

  • Too much use of blankets, sheepskins, stuffed animals and pillows in the cribs can allow suffocation to the child.
  • Make sure you share a bedroom with the child till 1 year.
  • If you let the child sleep between both of you, then make sure the baby gets enough space.

Sleeping Tip:

Also, remember to change the position of the baby's head every night, first to the right, then to the left and vice versa. Indeed this is to avoid the flat spot which appears on one side of the head.

To sum up, this is a parenting guide for first-time parents, which includes all the basics. All the information is in it, from Cheap Baby Diapers in Pakistan to how the baby goes to sleep and how to bond with the baby. So, this piece of writing is a go-to for those who want to get to know the basics of parenting, and we hope this helps.

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