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Diaper Size and Weight Chart Guide

Are you worried about what diaper size fits your baby? In addition, cannot find the right size for your baby, then you have landed on the right page, as we will guide you with the best? We have worked on this for a long, as we know that it is hard to find the best Diaper for your baby. We have, as a diaper brand, worked on the measurements that will fit your baby well. Therefore, you need not worry, just go through the given chart and get to know what the best Diaper is for your baby. 


How to Pick the Right Size for Your Little One?

For sure, you might not get to know what the right size is for your baby, as it is hard to tell as some of the babies are underweight, and some are over weighted. And indeed, you might not get to know what is the best fit for your baby. Therefore, the very first thing to do is weigh your baby. It is considered that the weight of the baby will help you understand the right size of the Diaper. 

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Diaper?

Undoubtedly, babies vary form in weight, and due to this, not every Diaper will fit the baby. Not just this, but HapiNapi has made sure that the diapers they make are fabricated on baby weight—not on age. This is necessary that the Diaper fits the baby well according to its health. If the baby is weak, we make sure that we make diapers that fit that baby well. Some common issues that mothers face while choosing a diaper are;

-Leakage of Diapers

-Tight Diapers, not Gentle on Baby's Skin

-Chemically Fabricated Diapers

-Super Dry Diapers that Itch the Skin

-Utilization of Rough Material

-Skin peels due to Diapers

HapiNapi has taken care of all these things and has made sure that the diapers we make are according to the needs and requirements of mothers. It is not wrong to say we have surveyed the needs first and then have made sure how we are going to work on sizes. 

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