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The Baby’s smile signifies that they are happy and comfortable 24/7 throughout the year. Hapi Napi always emphasizes on baby’s happiness, comfort, and smile. The happy moments which happy babies and happy parents spend together are vital for baby’s growth and development that’s why Hapi Napi continually delivers products that contribute to the baby’s physical and emotional growth, with the aim to be the most “gentle to the skin” baby diaper in Pakistan. Hapi Napi constantly innovates to help parents enjoy their child-raising years while making sure that their babies live as happily and comfortably as possible. Hapi Napi promises to bring more happiness and comfort to parents and babies’ lives


The brand vision is to spread happiness and create fun moments to fill all the gaps between traditional ways of nurturing a baby. We envisage a happy world where the care of a baby is no longer a task but a satisfying experience.

Core Values

Our core values revolve around the 4 H’s of Hapi Napi i.e. Honesty, Happiness, Health, and Hygiene. These values are so deeply rooted in our brand’s system that they are never compromised.


The brand mission is to serve the happy moments of babies and mothers by providing them happiness, comfort, hygiene, trust, and care. The goal is to cherish baby’s growth and make this experience more exciting with the baby care products of Hapi Napi.

The word Hapi Napi is the symbol of happiness, joy, pleasure, care, comfort, and gentleness The word Hapi Napi is the symbol of happiness, joy, pleasure, care, comfort, and gentleness. The insignia of Hapi Napi is the representation of cuddle and heart.

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