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Signs Of Labor

Many pregnant women are worried about the pregnancy issues and the early signs of labor. The human body is the perfect to show the early signs of labor. As it is the women body that always shoes the signals of her needs and wants.

Common Labor Signs:

Every pregnancy case is different from the other and there is not particular set of events which are common in nature.

Some early labor signs include:


Bloody Show

Rupture of Membranes/Water Breaking

Early Contractions

Call your doctor urgently if you feel any bright red bleeding or you feel that your baby is showing lees activity in the belly or you face vision problems, or you have a headache and sudden swelling. Call you partner and visit to your consult doctor immediately.

Don’t get panic if you only face some symptoms of labor as many women don’t use to notice all of them. But if you really feel that you are in labor, call immediately a midwife or doctor doesn’t matter its day or night. It is only the doctor who can guide you and diagnose your labor signs after the proper checkup. Try to stay happy and focused.

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