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01. What materials are used to make HapiNapi® Diapers?

The inside absorbent padding on HapiNapi® diapers is made of a fluffy, paper-like material called wood cellulose fiber and a superabsorbent material called polyacrylate. Other materials used include polypropylene, polyester, and polyethylene -- all synthetic materials designed to enhance the fit of the diaper and help stop leaks. The elastic strands in all HapiNapi® diapers are made of synthetic rubber for a snug but gentle fit for the baby. 

02.Is the material used in HapiNapi® Diapers safe and Hygienic for Babies?

Yes, breathable cotton-like material has 8 quality unique features, all are safe and hygienic for babies.

03. What are the causes and solutions of leakage of a normal Diaper and baby’s skin rash?

First Cause
1- The quantity of urine may have increased with the baby’s growth and the diaper may not be able to absorb the larger amount of urine even if the diaper size appears to fit the baby which leads to diaper leakage due to low absorbency.

2- If a baby is healthier than his age then the diaper does not fit properly and does not cover the baby’s tummy, thigh and backside thus leading to diaper leakage. As a baby's skin is thin and extremely delicate and if a baby is wearing a diaper that is too tight, the constant friction between the skin and the diaper may cause irritation or skin rash.

3- If a baby is weak/underweight then the diaper may not fit properly around his waist and legs leaving gaps for urine to leak out. Solution: Choose the right diaper size w.r.t baby's weight as precise the size better the absorbency and diaper fitting. For frequent leakage, it may be time to change the diaper to a larger size.
Second Cause
1- The leak guards may be folded inwards.

2- The diaper is in loose fitting around the waist leaving a gap between the diaper and baby's back.

3- Baby is lying on his tummy; urine tends to flow upward.

4- The tape has not been fastened on its specific area or unevenly fastened at both ends. Solution: Spread out the diaper and raise the inner leak guards. Place your baby on top of the spread-out diaper covering the baby’s waist properly. Pull the diaper up to the baby's navel. Raise the back portion slightly higher than the front. Strap up the diaper & ensure both sides are aligned. 

Third Cause 
When a baby's stooled diaper is not removed timely then there are many chances of diaper leakage because the diaper pad is covered by stool waste and becomes a barrier to urine absorption which leads to diaper leakage. Also when stool is left in the diaper for a prolonged period, it can cause skin irritation and diaper rash is likely to occur.

Solution: Be careful about diaper changeover timing. Also, be conscious to keep the baby’s skin properly clean and ensure hygienic conditions.

Fourth Cause
Hot summer & rainy season can effect overall baby skin and health especially when diaper are left unchanged over a long period, the heat & moisture may cause the skin to irritation, rash which further leads to skin problem.

Solution: If you apply prescribed ointment and your baby's skin condition worsens then there is possibility that the inflammation is caused by skin problem. Please be extra careful with diaper change over timing and seek proper medical help when this happens

04. Where can I contact if I have any queries or issues in your product?

Please get in touch with customer care: 0-8000-8000 (Monday to Saturday 09:00am - 6:00 pm)

05. Do you have any type of program for parents of twins, triplets?

We offer a one-time gift of coupons to parents of twins, triplets, etc. To receive this gift, please WhatsApp a copy of the birth certificates at 03225757099 or Call at Customer Care Toll Free Number 0-8000-8000

06. Is there any wetness indicator in Hapi Napi Diapers to indicate Diaper change?

Yes Hapi Napi Diaper has Wetness indicator that Gradually changes from color yellow to blue, so you always know when it is the time to change.

07. How do you ensure Hapi Napi Diaper is safe for my baby?

Hapi Napi diaper is safe for your baby due to the following features:

Rapid Distribution Layer: For quick absorption (The super-dry layer keeps baby's diapers soft and comfortable)
Advance Gel: Hapi Napi Diapers Upto 12 Hours Advance Gel Absorption (SAP) gives the baby healthier and calm sleep all night.
Breathable: Due to its Micro Breathable Pores Hapi Napi Airy Diapers let the air pass through which keeps the baby’s sensitives skin always fresh.
Leak Guards: Hapi Napi Diapers Offer Double Leak Guards along with extra support to keep the barriers in upright position at all time for leakage.
Super Strong (Magic Grip): For multiple refastening (Diapers with full elastic with magic grip for strong and better grip).
Extra Wide: To provide a snug and secure fit for the diaper and prevent blowouts and leakages from the back waist ...

08. For how much hours Baby Diaper can be used?

Hapi Napi Diaper can give your baby up to 12 hours protection.

09. What are the packing sizes for the Hapi Napi Diaper?

Following two packing sizes are available for the Hapi Napi Diapers:
1. Jumbo Pack
2. Mega Pack

10. What are the number of pieces in each packing size?

Number of pieces varied in both packing sizes as listed below:
Variants NB S M L XL 
Jumbo Pack 52 48 44 40 36 
Mega Pack - 80 72 64 56

11. Do unused Hapi Napi Diapers need to be stored anywhere special?

Store Hapi Napi Diapers in an area protected from extreme heat and humidity and away from products with fragrances. We recommend that diapers be kept in a dry storage area where the room temperature.

12. Which size fits to the babies of different weights/age group?

Size 1 diapers2-5kg6-700-04
Size 2 diapers3-6kg5-604-09
Size 3 diapers4-9kg5-609-15
Size 4 diapers9-15kg4-515-24
Size 5 diapers15+kg5-624+

13. Can I make a purchase?

Yes you can purchase Hapi Napi Diaper and Wipes, to order online, please visit our website link Or through For any other information please call us at our Toll-Free Number 0-8000-8000 or send a WhatsApp message on 0322-5757099

14. Do you deliver at door step?

Yes, we do. We have Cash on Delivery option available and our standard delivery time is 3-5 working days. For any other information please call us at our Toll-Free Number 0-8000-8000 or send WhatsApp message on 0322-5757099. To order online, please visit our website https:

15. What's your return policy?

There is no return policy if the pack is not sealed but if it is sealed then you can claim it at our Toll-Free Number 0-8000-8000. For further information regarding Refund & Exchange Policy visit our website link

16. How can I become Distributor send details?

share your name, area and contact number at Company’s WhatsApp number 0322-5757099. Our team will contact you soon.