For every purchase you'll receive 5% of the total amount back as points. Let's break it down with an example: if you spend Rs.1,500 on shopping, we'll reward you with 1,500 points, equivalent to Rs.75 (5% of 1,500). This Rs.75 becomes your HAPI REWARD, ready to be redeemed on your next order.

Saving Made Simple

Imagine the thrill of getting 5% of your money back on every purchase. It's like having a constant discount in your pocket! The more you shop, the more points you accumulate, translating into more money saved. It's a win-win – indulge in your favorite products and watch your HAPI REWARD grow.

Redeem and Rejoice

The points you earn aren't just numbers; they're your ticket to more savings. When you're ready to place your next order, simply redeem your REWARD at checkout. It's as easy as that! Moreover, you can only redeem your points when you will have 8000 points collected. Thus, your future purchases become even more budget-friendly, thanks to the points you've earned.

Shop More, Save More

Our motto is simple – shop more, save more. As you continue to fill your cart with our quality products, you'll see your HAPI REWARD balance rise. It's a rewarding cycle that keeps your baby happy and your wallet even happier.

Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Being a part of the HAPI REWARD CLUB means you'll also have access to exclusive offers and promotions. We love treating our loyal customers, and that means extra opportunities to boost your REWARD and enjoy additional savings. Ready to turn your shopping into savings? Join HAPI REWARD CLUB today, and let every purchase contribute to your future discounts. Your baby deserves the best, and so do you – with HAPI REWARD, you can have both! Start earning, start saving, and enjoy the perks of being a HAPI REWARD CLUB member. Hapi shopping!


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